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The white butterfly

the wax doll mirrored herself in a puddle
she felt a scent of moist earth
upon her barren belly trees were blossoming
full of wild bees

after the magician’s performance she raised on tiptoes
dancing with her arms over her head
for life and for death
she kept the moonrise in the palms of her hands
and the song like a dagger between her teeth
she melted gradually
through her naked breast through her naked body
other swords passing
colder and colder
bloody icicles growing in her heart

the real woman lay down in the grass
with a white butterfly sleeping on her pubis
like a sailboat over the sea
she did not know
how much she resembled her wax replica
same little mermaid dancing all night long
piano fortepiano
al fine

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I never promised you a rose garden

i won’t forget the times when i made roundish letters
in blue-black ink
as if i were crushing blackberry beads
perfumed and wild
and in the eyes of that man by chance
it was always the same toulouse-lautrec painting
with my watery blue dress
like a cloud in an armchair the color of rose petals
frozen rotted in november
with his checkered hat thrown
accidentally over my raincoat
i wondered too much
why he squeezed the whole sun between his teeth
while laughing
i continued to write about the dreams
like white dead pigeons
my lord
with the heart shielded between wings

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Woven in Songs

A butterfly tapestry in their clumsy flight,
It might have been an excess or a lack,
Looking at her with my shortsighted eyes
over warm grass drenched in green flames.

Her temples burning under wings,
A young girl was running,
Like a woman bent over piano keys
Tilting, dreaming and playing.

I don’t want a pinned butterfly,
I don’t want a grass blade in my book,
All other stories are the same
Was saying her to me aside.

She was running: dents, ripples, murmurs,
Sunrays, nervures, silk threads,
Watery green, my lessening eyes,
Transparent and light-colored bride.

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A Heart’s Nook

Teardrops are cried
between the eyes’ corners,
they fall like lime tree flowers
shaken by trolleybus poles,
they gather among dry wrinkles
like vine sap bursting in March.

I’m crying without tears,
cautiously keeping within reach,
ready for any eventuality,
a squared jewelry case
with painted roses
on its lid.

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Pedestrian Passage

I lived on the withered poplars street
my trembling ankylosed eyes
slipped over that thin man
carelessly balancing his dark blue bag
on his shoulder
with smaller and tight steps
I kept dragging behind the early hours
towards the green school gate
uniform control sobriety moment
portfolio under my arm
keeping one hand in a pocket

my joints were still stung
by that halting gesture
when I did not say hello to him
for it was early morning
too topsy-turvy and unconventional
or because of that yellow traffic light
on my back
driving me on the other side
of that lonely pavement

in the evening it snows weakly
between trees burning with spring fever
passing red sparkling lights
wild fruits crushed in the past
under dawn toes

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